Questions from Potential Clients


How is pricing for Snow Plowing determined?

The service cost is determined by several factors.

  • Length of time to plow your roads and parking lots.
  • The amount of snowfall.
  • Well you require Sanding with Sand/Salt ?
  • Well you require sidewalks to be cleared?
  • Are you looking for a Per Storm or a Seasonal rate?
  • This price is sometimes reflective of property size but can increase if there are many curb areas requiring more plowing or back blading.
  • Do you require a 2 inch trigger or a 3 inch trigger for plowing snow.

We offer free estimates for your place of business for Per Storm and Seasonal rates.

Each contract is set up to the client site needs for plowing.


What is the trigger you mention in pricing?

The trigger is the agreed upon measurable amount of accumulated snow or ice wherein we will send out plow trucks to service the account.

 A 3 inch trigger is our standard but some clients might require a 2 inch trigger due to the nature of their business.

That is why each contract is set up to your own site needs.


How do I Pay for your Service?

This depends if you go with a Per Storm or Seasonal cost plan.

  • Per Storm Invoices are usually sent out with-in a few days to one week from the day of the snow storm that occurred.
  • Seasonal Service Invoices are sent out the 1st week of every month.
  • All invoices are emailed thru Quick Books.
  • We accept Cash, Check, Credit and Debit Cards: 
  • Thru PayPal -(additional fees are 3.20% per transaction amount
  • Thru Square -(additional fees are 3.65% per transaction amount)
  • Thru Venmo - (additional fees are 2.00% per transaction amount)
  • Fees are subject to change if venders change the percentage amount. 
  • Emergency plowing or sanding is Cash or Credit / Debit cards thru PayPal, Square or Venmo


General Questions regarding Mike & Sons Snow Plowing LLC?

How long has Mike & Sons Snow Plowing LLC been operating?

We have been serving the Eastern CT region since 2006. 


Do you have Insurance?

Yes we do.

Proof of general liability insurance is available upon request.


Do you have References?

Yes we do.

We have available references for our services in commercial snow plowing.

Because of legal purposes, we cannot publicize names/companies.

Upon request with a bid proposal we well supply references.


Are you really on call 24 hours a day?

Yes we are !

From November 1st till April 30th every year.

No matter what time a storm starts, we are ready to go out and start plowing and we do not stop until the storm has ended and your roads and parking lots are cleared of snow ready for business.

You don't have to call us to come out, we go out any time day or night automatically and start plowing at a 2 to 3 inch snowfall. 


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us via email or phone.