Services Offered


Snow Plowing

We ensure that your property remains as safe as possible for your customers during a snow storm. 

Snow plowing is performed throughout the duration of a winter storm to keep your property safe, open and clear for your customers from the start of the snow storm to the end.


Ice Management

When we are there during a storm we will check the road and parking lot conditions and make deicing decisions from real time data and weather conditions. 

As to when and how much material is to be applied that is based on many factors including but not limited to; current ground temperature, current weather forecasts from the national weather service and future weather prediction.

We use Sand/Salt for the roadways and parking lots.

For sidewalks we use rock salt or ice melt 


Snow Relocation

When excessive amounts of snow accumulate on the property; we can use heavy equipment to push back or move and stack snow piles to reclaim more area for parking. 

This type of service call is separate from regular snow plowing costs.


Sidewalk Clearing

We understand how important the safety of the foot traffic on your property is.

During a snow storm our sidewalk crews are focused on clearing sidewalks for snow and ice control.

They start during the storm and don't stop until sidewalks have been cleared of snow and sanded with rock salt or ice melt. 


Different Types of Sites We Service for Plowing & Sanding

All different types of commercial sites:

Apartment buildings,

Bank parking lots,

Gas stations,






24 Hour Emergency Snow Plowing / Sanding and Skid Steer Usage

One time Emergency Snow Plowing / Sanding and Skid Steer usage does cost more per storm than a regular contract for the season.

While we are happy to come in and take care of the snow on a one time basis for you,

We would recommend getting a contract with a plow company to save money in the long run.

These types of service would be completed after our regular routes are done and our clients are taken care of.

Plow truck rates for this type of service vary depending on location and size of property, minimum 1 hour, call for appropriate pricing

Emergency Skid steer usage for clearing and relocating snow
Skid Steer rates for this type of service will vary depending on location and size of property, minimum 2 hours, call for appropriate pricing


Sanding with Sand/Salt

If you handle your own snow removal but need sanding with Sand/Salt done for those times of slippery conditions or ice storms, give us a call.

We offer sanding done with Sand/Salt for all types of properties;

Apartment buildings,

Bank parking lots,

Gas stations,





                        Prices will vary depending on the size of your lot and roads. 

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact us via email or phone.


Our Primary Service Areas Are:

                    • Montville
                    • Norwich 

Emergency plowing / sanding & skid steer usage available 

Additional charges apply for longer traveling distance

Montville, CT